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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

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#35 Trolls Don't Ride Roller Coasters

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Eddie wants to ride The Monster at the carnival. It's the biggest, loudest, scairest ride ever. LIza doesn't like it and neither does J.J., the T-shirt seller. In fact, J.J. hates the ride so much, she may just use a little magic to make it and everyone on it disappear! Teacher Page Age Range: 7 - 10 years Lexile Measure: 600L  ISBN-13: 978-0590189859 AR Quiz No. 36472 EN Fiction IL: LG - BL: 3.8 - AR Pts: 1.0  AR Quiz Types: RP, VP  Comprehension Questions  

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Original Cover
Original Cover

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Here's a sneak peak at the cover art for the original cover - a sketch provided by the illustrator John Steven Gurney.  See his wife below, modeling as the troll.  Thanks, John!

Student review from  My name is JonPaul Szybnski . I read the book Trolls Don't Ride Rollar Coasters by Debbie Dadey,and Marcia Jones. This was a great kids book. The main characters n the story are Eddie,Howie,Liza,and Melody. They all go to the carnival and want to ride the new ride called the Monster.It is the biggest and scariest rollar caoster there. John Steven Gurney's Wife pretending to be a trollThe four kids are only elevan or twelve , so there scared. Eddie is the brave kid so hes not as scared ,and liza is very scared she just wants to ride the merry go round.So all four kids ride the rollar coaster ,but then all of a sudden it comes to a complete stop.Liza and Melody are so scared they have to climb down a three story ladder.While they were climbing down they heard these strange luaghs.When they got down they rode the merry go round.Eddie was so boared . When they were done they saw a lady that was on the roller caoster with them.As they wre walking over to the lady Eddie saw a sign that said strongest kid contest.So before hey went to the strange lady Eddie signed up. They walked up to th lady. Liza whispeed to Melody she looks like a toll.How asked the ladies name,she said J.J. A few weeks later they went to the strongest kid contest.They saw J.J. again.she was tying to take down the tent to ruin the contest. Liza stopped her.It was allmost the end of the contest . just Eddie and the kid they called the bully.The Bully swung ,ding .He had the highest score yet.Eddie swung,Ding,Ding . Eddie won the contest.The four kids just figured out what happend to the Monster.

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