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Tuesday July 28, 2009

 Amanda and Carey love their scarves.  I felt like a hero.  Of course, I was a bit jealous because they went to Water World while I was gone.  Amanda knows how much I love Water World.  Why didn't they wait until I got home?  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday July 21, 2009

 I love my grandmother.  I really do, but her house is so boring!  I was btd until she showed me how to crochet.  At first I thought my fingers would fall off, but then I got the hang of it.  Have you tried it?  I made a scarf for both Amanda and Carey.  I hope they still like me when I get home.  Maybe they will have forgotten me.  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday July 14, 2009

 OMG! atm I am so mad my ears are ringing.  Amanda is coming back from vacation tomorrow.  Do I get to see her?  NO!  WE are leaving this afternoon to visit my grandmother!!  TISNF!  I bet Carey and Amanda will get to be bff's while I'm gone.  IDK what I'll do then.  by&m, I'm worried, Bridgett

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Thursday July 9, 2009

 Carey and I are both mad at Amanda.  She came home from camp and did she call us?  NO!  She went on vacation to the beach with her family.  I bet I don't even get a postcard!  I'm mad, mad, mad.  g2g, Bridgett

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Sunday July 5, 2009

 I had to stand in the boy's underwear department today while my mother got new stuff for my brother.  It was humilitating!  And to make it worse Mikey Parsons showed up!  It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, but surprisingly I think Mikey was more embarrassed than me because his mother pulled him over and checked the back of his pants to make sure they got the right size.  Mikey looked like he wanted to fall right through the Mall floor.  It was great, but gross (get it-butt, okay with a name like Bridgett Butt I shouldn't kid about things like that.) gtg, Bridgett

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