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Friday July 3, 2009

Bobo I saw Carey today when I was walking Bobo around the block.  I used to not like her because I thought she was stealing Amanda away from me, but I guess Carey's ok.  She asked me to play at her house.  We had a good time.  She has a ping pong table in her basement.  I hope Amanda won't get mad.  She comes home in one week.   Carey is going to watch the fireworks with my family. Usually Amanda comes with us.  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday June 23, 2009

books Bobo (my dog) and I are btd!  I mean how much TV can you watch anyway without going totally bonkers?  With Amanda away to camp, I've gone for bicycle rides BY MYSELF, gone to the library BY MYSELF, and gone to the pool BY MYSELF.  I really miss Amanda.  At least there's only TWO more weeks until she's home.  I'm off to read my new library book,
Angels Don't Know Karate.  It sounds fun, Bridgett

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Tuesday June 16, 2009

 TISNF!  My bff Amanda is going to summer camp for three weeks without me!  My mom says we can't afford the camp, but what will I do without Amanda!  I will be btd.  Can't I just fast forward through the next three weeks?  WWYD?  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday June 9, 2009

 School's Out!  School's Out!  Field Day RibbonToday was the best day ever, we had field day and got out early.  Of course, Mikey Parsons thought field day was the time to make jokes about my last name (did you know I have the Worst Name in Third Grade-Bridgett Butt?).  He renamed events like the Hiney Hurdle and the Butt Bounce.  I mean, WTD?  Can't he just have a good time and leave me alone?  Anyway, except for Mikey it was AWES! Hope your last day of school totally rocks.  I can't wait to spend more time with my bff, Amanda, this summer.  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday June 2, 2009

 The last day of school is next week.  I am ROTGL!  IMHO, the best part about summer is not seeing Mikey Parsons in school everyday.  Three months of no butt jokes.  Yes!  AFAIC, Mikey could move to Bermuda and never come back.  That would be a great vacation for me!  g2g, Bridgett, who can't wait for summer vac!

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