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Thursday May 28, 2009

My mom is finally letting me use toothpaste again without her squeezing it. That was totally awk.  I will never abuse toothpaste again.  She also let me to to Amanda Reynold's birthday party.  OMG, it was fun!  I ate three pieces of cake, two bowls of ice cream, seven pieces of licorice, and a carmel apple.  Now I think my stomach will explode!  Note to me:  don't eat so much junk at Amanda's next birthday party.  ttyl, Bridgett, who is green and feels like throwing up!

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Tuesday May 19, 2009

 Whatever you do, don't put toothpaste in your brother's shoes!  I'm grounded from everything and so is my brother!  My mom took everyone's toothpaste away and she squirts a little on our toothbrush every morning and every night.  I feel like a two-year-old!  g2g -I probably won't be able to talk for a while since I'm TG-toothpaste grounded!  Bridgett

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Tuesday May 12, 2009

 This is toothpaste war!  I put the gel kind in my bru's soccer shoes.  He took them out of his gym bag after school and stuck them on.  His toenails will be sparkling white for weeks to come!  Ha, ha, Bridgett

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Thursday April 30, 2009

OMG!  Not only do I have the worst name in the world, I also have the worst Toothpastebrother.  You'll never believe what he did.  I accidently broke his I-pod and in the middle of the night he put toothpaste in my hair!  I washed my hair five times and it still smelled minty fresh.  TISNF!  Why would he do that?  I mean, it's not like I broke his I-pod on purpose.  b4n, Bridgett

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Friday April 24, 2009

Going on a field trip and I can't wait.  We get to ride the bus and sing songs and eat snacks (when the teacher isn't looking).  Our normal bus driver doesn't let us sing, but the field trip driver doesn't seem to care so we scream (well almost) at the top of our lungs.  My fav is 99 bottles of coke on the wall.  One time we made it all the way to zero bottles of coke on the wall.  My throat was totally sore the next day, but it was worth it.  I mean do you know anyone else who has actually made it all the way through the song?  I should be in the World Record books for that!  Talk to you after the field trip.  brb, Bridgett

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