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Tuesday March 3, 2009

btw, the medicine is working.  Bobo is much better. But, it's so :(  He's hungry all the time!  Idk what to do, he's only supposed to get so much food, but he's hungry!  This morning, he licked the wall beside my bed and he nibbled on my bedspread.  If this keeps up, he might eat my whole bedroom! WTD?  Mom said just to pet him more so that he'll forget about being hungry.  wwyd?  b4n, Bridgett

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Thursday February 26, 2009

Poor Bobo.  His leg isn't broken, but the doctor said he's too fat!  I have to put my dog on a diet!  Mom says I can't feed him bacon or treats.  tisnf!  Bobo looks :( and he barks at his empty food bowl.  I know he's hungry, but if I feed him too much he'll be too heavy and he'll keep limping.  wwyd?  Bridgett

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Thursday February 19, 2009

Bobo_faceOMG  D911 I'm so worried!  Bobo is limping.  I hope he didn't break his leg or something.  Mom called the vet, but she can't get Bobo in until tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that he's okay.  g2g pet Bobo, Bridgett

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Friday February 13, 2009

hearts My hand is totally worn out from writing Valentines.  I'm giving everyone itty bitty candy bars that I'm taping to the cards.  I love getting candy with my valentines don't you?  For my bff, Amanda, I talked my mom into letting me get a tiny box of chocolates.  I think she will :) don't you?  BTW, I hope you have a fun Valentine's Day.  Does your school have a party?  Last year Mikey Parsons ate so much he threw up.  Everyone screamed.  WWYD?  ttyl, Bridgett

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Wednesday February 4, 2009

Talking about awk!  We had to do this group report at school.  I had to work with Leslie Jones.  She's very nice, so I figured no problem.  We did our poster together and everything.  Then when we had to get up in front of the class, she did all the talking.  When it was my turn, she kept interrupting me.  What's that about?  Then the teacher graded me down because I didn't talk enough!  TISNF!  Have you ever had a problem like that?  What should I have done?  Stomped on Leslie's toe so I could talk?  afaic, they should do away with group projects forever!  b4n, Bridgett

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