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Sunday December 21, 2008

Bridgett Sings 4 days to Christmas!!!!!!!!!  Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait.  I hope u get everything you want!!!!!!  It's so exciting, i could pee in my pants!!!!!!

 I love presents.  I love presents.  Of course, who doesn't?  But I also like singing Christmas songs.  I'm going caroling with my church to the retirement home.  I'm not around old people very much.  I'm a little scared.  I hope they like our songs.  My favorite is Away in a Manger.  What's yours?  If I don't talk to you before then,
Merry Christmas!  Bridgett

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Sunday December 14, 2008

Mikey chased me around the playground with an icicle today!  StopMikey!I hit a slick patch of sidewalk and landed right on my bottom.  Then I had to go through the rest of the school day with a wet butt.  When your name is Bridgett Butt, it's not good to have a wet rear end-let me tell you Mikey couldn't keep his mouth shut about it.  tisnf! When he said I had a butt-cicle, Miss Snotgrass made him sit out in the hall.  Ha!  Ha!  He had to miss part of the movie, The Polar Express.  I don't know why Mikey likes to pick on me, but if you know how to stop him, let me know.  ttyl, Bridgett

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Saturday December 6, 2008

My bff, Amanda, has the coolest game system.  She got it for Hanukkah.  I asked my mom for it for Christmas.  She said she'd think about it and now she tells me that it's impossible to find.  If it's impossible to find, then how come Amanda got it?  Is her dad some kind of magician or something?  TISNF!  After all, that's all I want for Christmas.  Do you know how to get it?  Let me know and I'll tell my mom.  brb Bridgett

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Wednesday November 26, 2008

OMG, did you have a great Thanksgiving or what?  I got 9 (count them nine) days off from school!  It was awes!  (Except for the part where my great aunt Ima squeezed my cheeks like I was a ripe watermelon.watermelon  That was totally awk.  But, I guess if my name was Ima Butt, I'd be a little strange too.  I'm a little :( to go back to school because of homework and stuff, but I will be glad to see my BFF, Amanda. 

My mom made me abend the whole vacation.  That's like cruelty.  I've got to be careful in school not to talk too much or I'll be in trouble again.  I thought it was great when my desk got moved next to Amanda's, but now I'm not so sure.  How can I not talk to her?  She's my best bud.  Wish me luck. BRB, Bridgett


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Wednesday November 12, 2008


AFAIC my school can just close it's doors forever!  AAMOF, all schools should just close.  I mean wtd, why can't kids talk in school?  It's not natural. 

Right now, I have a note in my backpack.  My teacher wrote talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks,talks, talks, talks, talks, talks about a million times on it.  My mom is not going to ROTGL if you know what I mean.  I may be abend for a while. 

ttyl (hopefully not too much later!) Bridgett,
who still thinks kids should be allowed to talk!

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