Bridgett Butt's Postcard Contest Rules

Win a class set of autographed books! 

worst name in 3rd grade cover In the book, The Worst Name in Third Grade, Bridgett Butt always gets teased about her name. And now her favorite teacher in the whole world is moving to Texas. To make things even worse, her best friend Amanda has a new best friend.

In Chapter 5, Bridgett wishes she could move to Texas to be with her favorite teacher Miss Holiday, and then she could send postcards from Texas to Amanda that said, "I still have the best teacher ever and you have Miss Snotgrass. Ha Ha."

Debbie Dadey, author of The Worst Name in Third Grade, is hosting a contest and the winning class receives a class set of autographed books. All you have to do is send a postcard to Debbie from your class. She would like the postcard to be created by kids (or one student from the class), but a store bought one is okay too.

All classes who send in a postcard will receive an autographed copy of one of Debbie's books. Postcards will be posted on Debbie's website at  CLICK HERE to see map .

On October 31st, a postcard will be randomly selected and that class will win the class set of autographed books.

Send post cards to:                                    
Debbie Dadey Postcard Contest
P.O. Box 534
Loveland, CO 80539


1. Postcards need to be horizontal and no bigger than 4"x5"

2. Please have the following information on the front of the postcard:

    · School Name and Class Name (ie. Mr. Smith's 2nd grade)

3.   Please include the following information on the back of the postcard:

Teacher Name
School Name
School Address
Teacher Email

4. Each class may only enter once. 

5. Contest runs from August 27th-October 31st.

6. Postcards must be received by October 31st.

Winning class will be announced in early November. Good Luck!