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Kids Talk to Debbie

Kids here is your chance to write to Debbie where Debbie and everyone else can read it!

Press the "Post Your Message" button below.  A new page will open with a form where you can post your message to Debbie. Inappropriate language will be deleted or blocked. She will answer you on "Debbie Talks."


"Ok Deb, you asked for it- joking! My only non-fiction book is available to purchase in paperback or hardback. Please go to and do a search in the Biography and Memoirs section of the books on page 7 I think is my book THE WRITERS: A Collection of Australian Writers' Biographies. Please buy a copy and then send it to me and I could sign it for you!! Being an author is cool. I currenlty have an illustrator doing pictures for Grandfather Leslie. Please write me back."
Brenton from Oz

"how did you get the idea for writing your books? i love your books cant put them down i think it would be really awesome to meet you."

" Why did you start to write storys? what mad you like writing stores? did you write when you where a kid?"

" What are your hobbies? "

" I like potatoes and cloth."

" Hello Ms. Dadey, i am in eighth grade. My reading teacher gave my class an assighnment to pick out our favorite author and write an author study on them. I havent been able to find any information about your early life. Could you please help me out?"

" Dear Debbie Dadey, I love all your books. They are cool. I like the one The Bride of Frankenstein. And Genies don't Ride Bicycles. Your books are my favorite. I wish you come to my school. To share some of your new books. You're one of the best authors ever. I wish I can get your autograph. Your number one fan, Juquashia"

"Dear Debbie, I love your books so much.My favorite one is Leprachuans Don't Play Basketball.When did you first got interested in writing books?What year did you get married?When did you make your first book?Keep those books coming."

"hey debbie i love the bailey school kids! keep up the good work! good luck "

" marcia jones came to my school i wish you came to i love your books keep up the good work.............. i can not wait till the key holders come out"

"Dear Debbie, Hi! Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been very busy- being a professioinal and PUBLSIHED AUTHOR!!! I have a request that would you please send me teh following books signed by you signed something like Happy reading, From Debbie dadey. For the next five please DO NOT sign them to Brenton. But the last fiev please do sign them to BRENTON: Ghosts Do Splash In Puddles Reindeer DO NOT Wear Striped Underwear The Great Green Gator Graduation Cherokee Sister Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express SIGNED TO BRENTON (the first three Swamp Monsters in Third Grade Books) Whistler's Hollow Story Sparkers: A Creative Guide To Writing See, Me and my friends are trying to have an auction we are auctioning off items and things donated by regular people and some companies and we are also going to have signed books by award-winning authors and use teh money to buy equipment for a organization we're trying to start and teh rest go to our school. Brenton Please send me a message on the DEBBIE TALKS TO KIDS page, as I need it rather quickly. "
Brenton from OZ
7R- finnaly!!!

" Can you sometime come to my school it's in Ohio?"

" heyy im doing a book report on your book and i cant find any biographie on you! can you emaile some stuff about your life as a wrighter like when u stated writting and why . thanks anyways .. I hope you write back.. -Amanda"

" You should make a show called, Aunt Mathilda & Uncle Jasper. Like the names in Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips"

" We love your books and characters! How do you create the characters? How long does it take to make a whole book?"

" cool beans dude"

" hi mrs.dadey its concetta oi just want to tell u that that book that u gave to me for my birthday is getting to be fabulouse and i just want to thank u agen so mouch and tell alex that i said hi"

" where were you born?I was born the way will you please,please email me back?"

" Well even though i havent talked to you lately,middle is going great i almost had straigt a's last semester and guess what i HAVE A BOYFRIEND his name is jesse i have to go bye."

" hey debbie i think your a good auther and i love your books! the bailey school kids are great and funny keep up the good work"

" Do you make all of your books with somebody?"

" Hi Debbie Dadey! You visted my school a couple of days a go.H.E.S.I was naer the crutches girl, Natalie. Hope you write back!"

" i love your book the bride of frankenstein doent bake cookies love megan xxxooo"

" I am such a big fan of your books! I am really looking forward to reading your new book seires ,the keyholders. When is it coming out? What stores is it going to be in?"

" I really enjoyed your visit to my school!!!!!! I was wondering wich of your books that are not the Baily School Kids would you recomend for a fourth grade girl. Thank you for that amazing assembelly. Once evryone came to the classroom they all kept talking about that outstandig assembelly! "

" hi mrs.Dadey im concetta in alexs class. thank you so much for that awesome book. your the best for that. oh and alex said hi mom and thanks agen xoxoxo. Concetta are so cool and alex wanted to know if i could come bowling or something i dont know"

" I love the Baily School Kids SOOO much"

" HEY,What college/university did you go to? This is a report for school . Can you send a note back fast. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! FROM, KERISSA BYE"

"i have a question,how logdoesit take you to write one book at a time? also it was a dream to meet you on wednsday,you are my favorite writer EVER! i want to be just like you someday! thaks, sincerley, casey"

" Hi Debbie it's me Rahul the contest winner."

"How many books did you write that took over a year to make? What were there names?"

" debbie what gave you the idea for elevs dont wear hard hats "

"I know your son. "

" Hi,Debbie Dadey!I cant wait for you to come to my school!Your books are my favorite.I LOOOOVE your books.Your #1 biggest fan, Zoey"

" when is your birthday "

" dear Debie what enspired you to write vampires don't wear polkadots."

"I don't like to read, but when I read your book "Mermaids Don't Run Tack" I loved it!!"

"How many books took over a year to right? What books were they?"

" I LOVE the Bailey School Kids series. I also LOVED the assembly today that you came to at my school. "

"What age level are your books for? What is the difference between the Jr. Chapter Books and the Adventure series? I tried to find this information on your web page but was unable to find it. We were interested in ordering some of the series but I was not sure of which series to purchase. Thank you"

" I love your books they are the best. from,kegan "

" did elves have kids"

" what are all the characters names in your book my mom the frog"

"AHHA! I looked in the Debbie talks to kids thing and I found that you said to me that I'm a Awesome Reader! Everyone says that about me! I spend most my time up in my room reading! (Mostly Bailey School Kids) I told my friend the comment and she said that I cant be that awesome if I read younger kids books! I'm already writing a book called "All Around Adventures" (Triple A) and Its kind of like the BSK but they're in Grade 8 not 3 and its not about monsters! But what's similar is that there are 4 best friends! Hugs and Kisses xoxx "
Seventh grade

"Hi Debbie it's me again. I was only able to check the message you sent to me today. I'm so excited to know the next book coming out. I've now read 34 of your books. Hope to here from you again! "

" Debbie Dadey came to our school. The outstanding author even signed my book! Wow! I have an acutal autograph from an author! I've always dreamt of becoming an author, but I was inspired by Debbie Dadey. She made me want to grap a pencil and paper and write a story! I tried to write a story like hers. But, let's just say it didn't go to well. I may not be a success right away. But soon I'll be in with the big time! Thanks so much! You inspired me greatly! Yours truly, Alexandra the 5th grader P.S. I still read your books to this day! "

" Hi! I think you should have the Swamp Monster in Third Grade and The Bailey School Kids Books in a series together! I mean they both are in the third grade! And things are creepy in the Swamp Monster In Third Grade!I might write a story and you can read it if I mail it to you. And, what is your address? Your #1 Fan Of The Bailey School Kids Books, Kevin!!"
3rd Grade

"hey do you remember me i was a student at a school when you talked to us i enjoyd it talk to ya later "

" Dear debbie, I been reaeing about the bailery school kids since forever and i still read them despite the grade im in. I wouldn't tell my friends that though. I just love reading about things that don't particulary exist in today's world. I was thinking that if your still writing new books about them i'd give you some ideas. You could use the topic of princesses, fairies, tarzan, cinderella, rapunzel, and superheroes."

" dera debbie dadey i really like your book am writing to you because my teacher is making us write to are favorit authers and for me you are i hope you write me back your big fan yamilet "

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