wEddie1 Meet Eddie ~ Bailey School Kid!

 When is your birthday? April 15th  
 Do you like sports?

Yes, I'm going to be famous one day for playing on a pro team.  But I like lots of sports so it's hard to decide which one to go pro in.  Probably soccer and football are my favorite.

Do you have brothers or sisters?


I have one sister, she is six years old.
 Who else lives at your house?

Besides my little sister, there's my dad and my grandma.  My mom died.  My dad travels for his work, so my grandmother takes care of us.

 Do you have other family in Bailey City?  My aunt Mathilda lives in Bailey City.  She has a Dalmation named Diamond.  Her husband, Uncle Jasper, is dead, but he was a ghost once.
 Why are you so mean to your friends?  I’m not mean.  Sure, sometimes I get a little carried away, but who doesn’t?
 Do you play an instrument?  I played the cymbals in band class.  I like making noise!
 Have you ever made anything you were proud of?  I made a remote control plane once for a science project.  It was really cool.
 Do you have a favorite food?  That’s a tough because I like lots of food.  Probably chocolate and pancakes are my favorite.
 What is hanging on your bedroom wall?  I have a posters of Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony.  My grandmother put up a bulletin board that I keep stuff on too.