wLiza1 Meet Liza ~ Bailey School Kid!

 Do you have a pet? I had a cat for a while.  I can’t stand hamsters.  They give me the creeps.
 Do you like sports? I’m not that great at sports, unless you count ice skating.  Sometimes I get a bloody nose, so that’s not good for sports.  My dad likes sports though.
 Do you have brothers or sisters? I have one sister, she is in high school.  Sometimes I think she hates my guts. 
Who else lives at your house?  Besides my older sister, there’s my dad and my mom.  My dad is a plumber.  My mom just went back to work. 
 Do you have other family in Bailey City? I have a grandmother in town. 
Who is your best friend?  Melody is definitely my best friend.  Of course, I like Howie and Eddie too.  I like just about everyone.   
Do you wear glasses?  I am supposed to wear my glasses to read, but sometimes I forget them. 
Can you swim?  No, but I’m learning. 
Do you have a favorite food?  That’s a hard question, because I like to eat just about everything.  My mom warns me not to eat too much junk food. 
What is hanging on your bedroom wall?  I have some needlepoint pictures my mom and I made. They are flowers and trees.