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Phantoms Don’t Drive Sports Cars
(book # 32 in The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series)
  • Eddie loves sports cars. His favorite is the Lambourghini?. Do you have a favorite car? Can you find a picture of it in the library? The Lambourghini? was designed by an Italian company. Design your own sports car and draw it on a piece of paper. A designer must write out the following things:
    • What will it be made out of?
    • How fast will it go?
    • How big is the engine?
    • Where will the engine be (in front or back)?
    • What fuel will it run on (gasoline or something else)?
    • How many people will it hold?
    • How much will it cost to build? How much to buy?
    • Eddie’s favorite color for a sports car is red. What color will yours be?
  • Eddie and his friends go to an opera. An opera is like a play with a special type of singing. Can you and your friends put on a play about the book Phantoms Don’t Drive Sports Cars?
  • Operas began in a country called Italy. Find Italy on a map. It looks like an old-fashioned boot. Italy is famous for many things, especially pizza. Rome is the most famous city in Italy. Draw your own map of Italy and put a star where Rome should be. Then go to the library and find check out a book on Italy. It will probably be in the 900 section, which is where books on countries are usually located. Find three neat things about Rome and draw them on the paper around your map.
  • Violins are beautiful musical instruments. They are often called fiddles when they are playing non-classical music. Does anyone in your school play the violin? Perhaps they can bring it to school to show your class. If not, perhaps your teacher can find a tape of violin music for you to listen to. Did you know that it has been proven that listening to some music will make you smarter? Listen to violin music for two minutes. How did it make you feel? Do you feel smarter? Maybe we should all start listening to violin music before a spelling test!
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