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Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots

 Make your own Magical Brooch!

Magical Brooch like Mrs. Jeepers

Begin with oval shapes of oaktag approximately 2 inches in height.

Have students glue an oval of bright green construction paper of approximately 1 1/2 inches in height in the center of the oaktag.

Decorate the outside frame of the oaktag with crayons or markers.

Spread glue lightly on the green construction paper center and apply green glitter. Then apply a larger dot of glue on which the students can place one or two faux emeralds found in craft stores.


Make your own mirror

See if your friends show up. If not, could they be a vampire?

Provide a pattern in the size and shape of a basic hand held mirror. Have students trace the template onto oaktag and cut out the mirror. Color the handle and frame of the mirror with crayons or markers.

Cut out 3-inch diameter circles from a sheet of aluminum foil. Glue the foil in the center of the mirror. Put all the mirrors on a poster board with the title "Vampire Test".

Hang the poster low enough in the classroom or hallway so students may try seeing themselves. Enjoy the fact that no one can actually "see" themselves in the foil and the kids will entertain thoughts that they are all vampires.

These crafts created by Librarian Elizabeth Swartz
Watsontown Elementary and Turbotville Elementary Schools, Pennsylvania.


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