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Join the Bailey School Kids in leprechaun fun!  Read:
  Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball &
Leprechauns Don't
Play Fetch
then make your own leprechaun.  But watch out...
those leprechauns can be tricky!

Leprechaun Pin
By Linda Valentino (author of Pots of Fun for Everyone)


  • Craft foam or paper:  tan, green, black, yellow
  • Orange chenille stem
  • Two 7mm wiggle eyes (or use hole punch and paper)
  • Black marker
  • Red chalk
  • Pin back
  • Shamrock foam sticker (or cut from paper)
  • Thick tacky glue
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors


Review your knowledge of shapes and simple measurements by following these directions:  (or teachers may choose to make a few tracers for students to use).

  1. Cut a tan OVAL from a 3" square of paper or foam.  Glue eyes in the center. Rub finger in red chalk and rub on cheeks.  Draw smile with marker.
  2. Coil chenille stem around pencil and glue to chin as beard.
  3. Cut a 2" green SQUARE for hat and 2 ½" long  RECTANGLE for brim. Glue to head.
  4. Cut a 2" long black RECTANGLE to fit on hat and a ½" yellow SQUARE for buckle. Glue on hat.
  5. Stick a green shamrock on hat and glue pin back to wrong side of leprechaun.

How well did you follow these directions?  Take a look to see...

Photo of the Leprechaun PinPhoto of the Leprechaun Pin
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