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 Mummies Don’t Coach Softball
Pencil Can
By Linda Valentino


Materials Baseballs on Pencils in Can PhotoBaseballs on Pencils in Can Photo

  • 12 oz. recycled juice concentrate can
  • Paper: Blue, yellow, red
  • 5 white foam circle stickers or white poster board: 1 ¼”
  • “Play ball” foam sticker
  • Two pencils
  • Two 18 gauge wires or chenille stems: blue and red
  • Markers: red and black


  1. Cover can with blue paper.
  2. Cut two ¾” yellow strips and glue to the top and bottom of the can.
  3. Cut two ½” red strips and glue to the yellow strips.
  4. Draw black curved lines on the white circles and red arrows on the black curves to resemble softballs.
  5. Press “Play Ball” sticker to the front of can or write with marker.
  6. Press softball to front of can.
  7. To make pencils, wrap wire around top of pencils and glue end to back of softball.
  8. Glue second softball to back to hide wire.
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