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Mrs. Jeepers Creepy Christmas
Spider Holiday Wreath
By Linda Valentino

MaterialsSpider WebSpider Web

  • 9" paper plate
  • Light and dark green construction paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Spiders & Webs foam stickers (Creative Hands)
  • Heavy white thread
  • Masking tape




  1. Before starting the spider holiday wreath, discuss spider facts with students. Some ideas follow.
  2. Cut several 3" x 1 ½" leaves from oaktag for students to use as tracers.


  1. Cut center from paper plate using plate line as guide.
  2. Trace and cut 26 leaves from green papers.
  3. Glue leaves to plate.
  4. Stick foam web and spider stickers to wreath.
  5. Stick 4" piece of thread between two large spiders and tape to top of wreath.
  6. Wrap white thread around wreath and tape ends to back of wreath.

Did you know...

... a spider's blood is light blue?
... a spider is NOT an insect?
... a spider is an arachnid and has 4 pairs of legs and a body that is divided into 2 parts?
... most spiders have 8 eyes?
...spiders can grow a new leg if they lose one?
...the largest spider is the Tarantula which can stretch itself to 10 inches?

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