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Debbie's new office

Debbie's new office in TN.

Debbie in office

Debbie deep into planning a
new book. Debbie likes
to make an outline.

Debbie in office

Shadow helps Debbie early
one morning. She uses a chart
to develop characters.

Debbie in office

Shadow loves to climb and help
Debbie think about her story.
Plot is what happens.

Debbie in office

Skippy, Bailey, and Debbie
love the writing life.

Debbie in office

Debbie brainstorms for a story
with help from Bailey.

Photos By Becky Dadey

Series World Building
ABCs of Writing for Chilldren
How to think like a Kid
How to think like a Kid (part 2)
Writing is not for the weak!
Hook kid's attention
It's a kid's world
Three Tips for writing for kids
ABCs of Writing for Chilldren


Mermaid Tales by Debbie Dadey


Mermaid writing fun
Mermaid Poetry
Starfish Writing Process

Starfish Writing Elements
Write like a Pirate 

Swamp Monster
Creative Writing   Frankenstein Writing

13 Story Sparkers.

Story Elements Chart

Basic Character Chart

Help the Bailey News staff
finish today's paper.

Read an interview with Eddie and then write your own interview.

Eddie and Liza have found a large, coffin-looking box in Mrs. Jeepers basement. Write a story about what they found. Click Here

Be like Bridgett Butt and write about your perfect school.

Here is a sample outline
from the book
"The Worst Name in Third Grade."

Click here to learn about how to submit a story to a publisher.


Want to be published?  Look at the very bottom of this page for where to send your stories.
A page for those who love to write-please keep scrolling for more activities below.

Writing Tips from Debbie

*Write everyday

*Read everyday

*Finish a whole section before changing anything

*Plan before you start writing

*What does your character like/dislike?

*Read your story outloud to see if it makes sense

*Don't be afraid to make changes

*What does your character look like?

 Be A Published Writer!

Want to appear in a magazine? You could be in Storyworks magazine. All you have to do is read a book (one of mine, I hope), write 1-2 paragraphs about what you liked about it and a few details about what happened, send in your photo and you could be in Scholastic's Storyworks next issue. Sign your name at the bottom of the review and send it to REVIEWS BY YOU Storyworks PO Box 712 New York, NY 10013-0712. (Remember to include your name, age, teacher's name, school's name and address, and school's phone number.) Also check out the list of magazines at the end of this page. Have fun!

A Different Kind of Writing-Rap!

Eric and Cameron came up with this rap. Try making up your own just for fun! If it's about Debbie or one of her books, make sure to let her know and it might get put right here.

Debbie Dadey is in the house yawl.
She writes widdedy wiggedy wack books
She is Izzy Wid Ds Chizzy dawg.
She has a dog named Shadow yo
She is so super she has a city named after her.
She has the 3 cool kids yawl!

Magazines are a great place to start getting your stories published. Take a look at the ones below in your local library or book store (or others your libary may have).  Then see if one of your stories would be a good fit for that magazine.  If they are look at the editoral information in the front of the magazine to see where to send your story.  

Good luck, Debbie

Writing Resources

Liminal-for teens ages 13 to 19

New Moon-for girls ages 8-14

Merlyn's Pen-by teen writers

Skipping Stones-accepts art and original writings in every language and from all ages

Stone Soup-publishes stories, poems, book reviews, and art by young people through age 13

TeenInk-Teen Ink is a monthly print magazine, website, and a book series all written by teens for teens

Frodo's Notebook-poems, essays, and short stories by teens 13-19

Teen Voices-publishes girls between the ages of 13-19

What If? Magazine-for Canadian teens 

The Writer's Slate-publishes original poetry and prose from students enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade and their teachers

Inklings Book Contest-Each year, Society of Young Inklings publishes a yearly anthology of writing by exceptional young authors called the Inklings Book! The Inklings Book Contest offers young writers in grades 1-8 the opportunity to publish a short story or poem

Alphabet Soup-the ‘Write on!’ section

Cicada-by teens and for teens

Creative Kids-largest magazine by and for kids, ages 8-14

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