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Ogres Don’t Hunt Easter Eggs
Easter Basket
By Linda Valentino

Materials Egg Basket Craft PhotoEgg Basket Craft Photo

  • Recycled 3 ½” Pringles can
  • Light blue paper
  • Foam or paper in choice of colors for eggs
  • Markers and gel pens in bright colors and black
  • Green basket fill or Easter grass
  • Yellow chenille stem
  • Pony beads: 4 purple, 2 pink
  • Hole punch
  • Tacky glue



  1. Make several 1 ½” x 1” eggs for students to trace.
  2. After cans are covered, punch 2 holes in top for handle.


  1. Cover can with blue paper.
  2. Smear about 1” of glue around bottom of can and stick green grass onto glue.
  3. Trace and cut 4 eggs from paper or foam and decorate with markers or gel pens. Outline each egg with a black marker.
  4. Glue eggs to front of can.
  5. Thread beads onto chenille stem and push ends of chenille stem through holes in top of can. Wrap to secure.
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